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To Change Background

Choose a Colour



Background Colour

At any point in the Website you can change the background colours by selecting the colour with the mouse or by choosing the colour with the keyboard keys "g", "b", "y", "k", "p", "s", "h" or "w", for green, blue, yellow, black, pumpkin, slate, wheat and white respectively. 

Java Script

Both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer have options in which "Java Script" can be enabled or disabled.
The table below shows you where these options can be changed in your browser.

Netscape Navigator 3.0

Click Options

-------- Click Network Preferences

-----------------Click Languages

----------------------------JavaScript enabled

Netscape Navigator 4.0

Click Edit

-------- Click Preferences

-----------------Click Advanced

----------------------------Enabled JavaScript

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0

Click View

-------- Click Options

-----------------Click Security

----------------------------Click active-content

----------------------------------------Select run active scripts

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0

Click View

-------- Click Internet options

-----------------Click Security

----------------------------Set Security Level to Medium.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0

Click Tools

--------Click Security

--------------------Click trusted Sites

----------------------------Set Security level to  Medium.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(Q). Some of the features such as colour changing and the zoom utility on the site don't seem to work.
(A). Currently this is only available when using Internet Explorer. Chrome and Firefox will be fully supported shortly.
    In Internet Explorer, if it is not already enabled, you will need to enable JavaScript see how to do this by Clicking Here.

(Q).  I can't hear any sound on the site?
(A). You will only hear sound if you are either using a screen reading application (For example Window-Eyes or Jaws).