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Download The Talking Newspaper

In addition to receiving a weekly memory stick of the news, there are many alternative ways to listen to the Dacorum Talking Newspaper. These range from:

The talking newspaper is available online, after around 10.30 PM each Thursday, shortly after it has been recorded.

Download / Listen Online

You can listen to the Latest and Previous week's news via this website. These files are digital copies of the memory stick you would normally receive through your door on a Saturday morning. Click on the links below to play now, or right-click on the links and choose "Save Target / Save Link As.." or "Download File" and save the MP3 sound files to your computer.

Talking newspaper for week-ending Saturday 21st November 2020

Latest News

Talking newspaper for week-ending Saturday 21st November 2020

Last week

Talking Newspaper Christmas Magazine 2018

Christmas Magazine 2018

Subscribe to the Dacorum Talking Newspaper Podcast

Subscribing to a Podcast is a way of automatically downloading the latest Dacorum Talking Newspaper, either to your computer, or to many smartphones and tablets. You can then listen via your computer, or take the DTN out and about with you on your Phone or MP3 player - without needing Wi-Fi or an internet connection available.

Subscribe using

(PC / Mac only for initial subscription)

Or copy the link below into your favourite podcast application (e.g. Juice):


Listen via your Telephone

The Dacorum Talking Newspaper is also now available to listen to via your telephone on:

0330 223 3452

This is an additional way to access your news. It will also mean that you can ring in and listen to the news when you are away from home, or even if you have moved away from the area. The service is Live now, so if you want to give it a go, call up and listen on 0330 223 3452. This costs the same as a local call.
Many of you will have contracts which include free minutes, or free weekend or evening calls to 03 numbers - please check the phone contract you have. You can then call up our number and listen to your news.

You can hold the phone, or use the speaker phone if you have one. You can even pause, skip and go back, the same as you do with your memory stick and boom box.

The service will stop playing after 59 minutes, so you don't have to worry if you forget about it and have a contract that charges after an hour.

If you need or want to stop listening, you can hang up and the service will remember where you left off and continue playing from there if you ring back the same day.

Listen via Amazon Alexa

The Dacorum Talking Newspaper can also now be listened to via an Amazon Alexa device. Full instructions will be posted here soon, but in the meantime, the provider of the Alexa service to the DTN, has recorded a very helpful demonstration to get you started. Click the link below to play this.

Audio Demonstration of how to play the DTN via Amazon Alexa

When can I get the next edition?

The digital copy is uploaded every Thursday evening overnight, meaning the next edition is available to download on a Friday morning.

All new listeners to the Dacorum Talking Newspaper are given details of all relevant amenities and services in an audible format. A document with this information can be downloaded here

Please note that this document will not be updated on a frequent basis. For any changes please contact the secretary.